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Nathan Enns returns 20 episodes later to talk about the reunion, how it's helped spark his foggy memory and he discusses the details about the new Podcast Network, The Intellexual, with David.

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Katie Harper talks with David about working as an actress, moving to New York, experiencing 9/11 first hand in New York City and living in Las Vegas.

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David sits down with Ms. Housen and talks about teaching, then and now, being a hard core gamer and how different communication is today.

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It's a house party round table!


David S. Dawson

Casey Gee

Mary Kresna Yasa (Knapp)

Lisa Billings

and Dave Forester

The group discussion continues with insights on what animal brains taste best and Mary Knapp's wedding in Bali!

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It's a house party round table!


  • David S. Dawson
  • Casey Gee
  • Mary Kresna Yasa (Knapp)
  • Lisa Billings
  • and Dave Forester

The group discusses everything from eating at Juanita's, Lisa's Black Belt, Dave Forester's excessive height, accents, pagers, multiple Caseys, searching for Dave Damien (sort of), home security Dave Forester style and a few other things.

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David talks about the podcast going forward, his thoughts on the reunion and talks about why he looked so tired.

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For your viewing pleasure. Grab a beverage, fire up your favorite tunes and sit back and take a trip down memory lane.

San Dieguito High School Class of 1993 20th Reunion Slideshow from David Dawson on Vimeo.

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Molly sits down with Dave and talks about the history of traditional IPAs, construction, traveling the world, going to Burning Man, realizing that a 9-5 style existence doesn't work for her, and how she decided to go the reunion.

NOTE:In the episode Molly and David discuss this being the first episode to air "after" the reunion. That changed after the podcast as Molly was really hoping people could hear her stories before the reunion. So her episode was squeezed into the line-up, hence last Friday's extra release with Katie to allow time for all the shows to air before the reunion. We aim to please here!

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Katie chats with David via SKYPE and talks about school, working for GAP, living in Canada and helping her oldest daughter learn to live with hearing issues.

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Reposted from my personal blog at  davidseandawson.wordpress.com

So my 20 year high school reunion is in a week. There are ice breaker events, the reunion and post reunion picnics and such planned for the whole weekend. I’ve been a part of the reunion committee and have played a, probably-not-so-insignificant, part in getting classmates interested in the reunion. Way-back in May I started the Voices of ’93 Podcast. Twice a week I’ve been interviewing my classmates from San Dieguito Class of ’93 and posting them on the internet for everyone to hear.

It’s been a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a real labor of love. It’s also been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done.

Now, for those who know me – and those who’ve listened to my podcast – my difficulties in my youth are well documented. Early alcoholism and drug use, early sexual experiences that could be constituted as rape though the perception is “you’re a dude so it can’t be” stuff, crazy parental units from polar opposite worlds, school administration fuck ups, bad relationships, insecurities, terrified of women and commitments, bad grades, worse teachers… the list goes on and on…. you get the point. The fact of the matter is… while the memories of high school have faded over time, many of the emotional attachments I made to those memories have not.

When the details of memory fade all that we are left with, often times, is the vague impression of our emotional response to those memories. I might not remember the specifics of being a self-imposed exile in high school, but my feelings about that time have remained. No matter how little I can explain to you about my moment to moment experiences from that time of my life I have always been able to tell you I felt alone, neglected, ridiculed, small and scared.

The podcast, and the over 30 hours of interviews I’ve produced on it, has somehow been a form of therapy for me and the residual emotional baggage I’ve carried with me into adulthood from high school.

You see, what I’ve found for me, the more I have opened up and shared with the class… the more I’ve heard them open up as well… the more I’ve come to realize that nearly all of the bullshit I lived through in those years was also experienced, in their own ways, by my classmates. So many of us dealt with drug-dealing parents, rape, feelings of inadequacy and ridicule, a sense of not fitting-in (yes, even in the so-called “popular kids”), neglect, school issues and more. I was never truly alone in the things I experienced. There was nothing truly unique in my hardships. We were all experiencing our own personal hardships through that time. And for many the outward appearances of being completely together was just a facade. One that apparently I was also able to outwardly convince people I had as well. Torrey Nommesen, a theater friend of mine from San Dieguito, said that he always thought that I was completely together. That I was always “in the know” and involved and composed. He never got the sense that I was batshit fucking terrified of the world. I had them all fooled!

And there lies the truth of the matter. Everyone had everyone else fooled. No one has their shit together in high school. And no one really has their shit together as an adult. We are all still “making it up as we go along.” The difference is, most of us don’t hide that fact anymore. We embrace it. Like adults. There’s no roadmap for life. There’s no right or wrong way to approach your existence. You figure it out. You do what works for you.

The difficulty of high school for me was that I never understood how “not alone” I really was in the world. That if I had just reached out and learned more about the people I spent every day of my life with I would have understood that the things I was so scared about were the same things they were scared about. That we weren’t all alone in our search for meaning, compassion, understanding… We were not alone.

And just knowing that one little thing, 20 years later. Well that has done wonders for my memories. Yes, the podcast has helped me remember some details better, but what it has really done for me is remove the dark veil of bitterness and resentment that had clouded those memories for years. That’s right. I’m no longer able to look back on my own memories of high school and feel bad about it. Yes, bad things happened to me. But bad things happened to all of us. The school wasn’t out to get me. My teachers that were bad to me, were bad to everyone. It wasn’t about me. The students who made me uncomfortable or were mean… they were probably as messed up and confused as I was. I certainly did my part to contribute to being mean and cruel on occasion. It wasn’t that I was mean or cruel… I was just hurting and lashing out. I can’t be angry and unforgiving of those who did the same and also hope that I can be forgiven by the one’s I did it to as well. I want forgiveness… I also have to forgive.

Liberating. The whole experience, which terrified me to start, has turned into an incredibly liberating one. I am a different person because of this podcast. I am a better person because of the podcast. And I thank my classmates for participating, for listening and for being the amazing people they all are. May you all find your joy and successes in life. I will keep doing the podcast after the reunion, for as long as my classmates want to keep participating.

I’m looking forward to August 17th. The reunion will be a whirlwind of activity and then it will be gone. Yet one more emotional memory to file away with the rest. But what a personal library I’ve built. I can’t wait to continue adding chapters and rewriting history. The story of my life just gets more interesting.

Until next time, you all take care… and we’ll talk soon.

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Brian sits down with David at La Costa Resort and Spa, not far from where the reunion will be, and talks about surfing, traveling the world surfing, getting married and being a dad.


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Mary sits down with David (and a slew of people floating around in the background) to talk about her big life altering decision to quit her job and travel in 2003/4, and how she's been living in Bali with her husband running a bed and breakfast. Sounds like she's about to make some new "big decisions" that will send her and Wayan off in a new direction soon. Mary talks a lot about change, and it's good.

Direct download: VO93_022.mp3
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Hey folks,

Sorry but there is no new podcast today. I am swamped with work issues and was at my film premiere until very late Wednesday night. Look for fresh podcasts to resume on Monday! In the meantime, catch up on the back catalogue of episodes you are behind on! Or revisit one you really enjoyed already!

Only 16 days remain to the reunion! Are you ready?

Oh and check out this nifty map display of where the podcast is listened to around the world. Darker blue means higher downloads.

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Kirstin sits down with David and talks about meeting her future husband at a couples party, living in England, caring for our parents, and so much more!

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Dave sits down with David and chats about poor soccer experiences at SDHS, driving like an idiot when we were younger, being an Army para-trooper and Korean linguist, being a firefighter and getting injured on the job slinging a garden hose.

Direct download: VO93_020.mp3
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Lenden Webb sits down with David and talks about surfing, having a battle ax of a mother, being happy, his law practice and more.

Direct download: VO93_019.mp3
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Natalie sits down with David and Torrey and talks about dating Torrey in High School, her favorite teacher, studying art in Europe and making a living as an artist in New York City.

Direct download: VO93_018.mp3
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Torrey sits down with David and Natalie Tyler and discusses his late realization of his intelligence, solving Rubic's Cubes, searching really hard for his place in the world, and laughing a whole lot!

Updated with improved audio on 7/17/13.

Congrats are also in order! Torrey is getting married on July 16! Watch it online at 7pm Pacific here.

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Robin Frye sits down with David and talks about her love of Bon Jovi, being a mom, marrying into a Portugese name and living in the house next door to her parents.

Direct download: VO93_016.mp3
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The Lovely Ladies of Friday Nght concludes with the beautiful and charming Marsha Miller. Marsha talks about finding her way, never really applying herself, pregnancy brain, the joys of being a Mom, and much more!

Direct download: VO93_015.mp3
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If you've not heard a Voices of '93 podcast yet, or if you pick and choose the episodes you listen to, this is one that is definitely NOT TO BE MISSED!

The Lovely Ladies of Friday night (Alithea, Tiffany and Marsha) take over the podcast! Listen to what happens when David loses control of his show! And then, sit back for a taste of Ghost Beat, Casey Gee's band as we feature a bootleg recording from their performance at the Ki's SDHS Class of '93 Fundraiser event.

Direct download: VO93_013_BONUS.mp3
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Tiffany Lona sits down with David (and Marsha Miller and Alithea McHale in the peanut gallery) and talks about her funny new name, her days as an airline stewardess and what its like being a big time Def Leppard groupie.

Direct download: VO93_012.mp3
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Nathan Enns talks with David about struggling with his memory since he was sick in 2005, how the podcast is helping him, the difficulties of moving away Senior year, and the joys of becoming a pilot right as 9/11 happened.

And here's a little treat Nathan sent me tonight. An actual signature I left in a Junior Year yearbook!

Direct download: VO93_011.mp3
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Casey Gee sits down with David at the La Costa Resort and Spa to chat about music, kids, job(s), stumbling into insurance and family life.

Download the Ki's Class of 93 Promotional Flyer and we'll see you at Ki's on Tuesday 6/25.

Direct download: VO93_010.mp3
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Felicia Ramsey talks with David about the reunion planning, her kids, loving Madonna, lacking parental supervision and worrying about potentially living with a "Party Girl" legacy.

Announcing Operation Mustang Reunion Fundraiser at Ki's Restaurant! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 25th. Ki's has been gracious enough to offer us 15% of all sales we generate ALL Day and ALL night!! Big thank you to Casey Gee - his band will be playing starting at 7pm! Tuesdays happen to be half price bottles of wine at Ki's. Stop by and enjoy some wine, appetizers and good some tunes along with the sunset - every bit will help! If you can't make it that night - stop by for lunch that day.

Please spread the word to any and everyone - sales don't have to just come from classmates. Look for a flyer that will need to be presented at the restaurant coming soon.

It would be wonderful to let everyone know if you're going so Ki's can accommodate extra staff if needed that night. Looking forward to seeing many classmates there!!

Direct download: VO93_009.mp3
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Marco San Antonio sits down with David and discovers that the "other" Filipino at SDHS didn't even realize he was a Filipino. Once they get over that shocker loads of laughter ensues as Marco revels in his muscularity, his lack of interest in watching sports, his favorite things about his wife, and his desire to have 5 kids. Maybe. And he sets the tone for ending all future podcast recordings.

Direct download: VO93_008.mp3
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Lisa Rendon chats with David about growing up in Southern California, working politics in California, Wisconsin and DC, and the culture shock of moving to Wisconsin and the benefits of raising her family in a small town called Beaver Dam.

Direct download: VO93_007.mp3
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Grant Lucas talks about being far away during reunions and why he can't plan them himself, his obvious absence from facebook, surfing and how to do it living in Houston and much more, all while radiating the positivity and good vibrations that made him class president!

Direct download: VO93_006.mp3
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Get your morning announcements from Senior Class President Grant Lucas!

Direct download: Grant_Lucas_-_SD_Live.m4v
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Kristy Paulsen chats, via the wonders of SKYPE, with David about growing up in a single parent household, getting her husband to commit, making demands before moving to Minnesota, hating snow, feeling connected to SDHS classmates, the wonders of Brasil during Carnivale, checking off items on the Bucket List, and going solo to the reunion!

Direct download: VO93_005.mp3
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Alyssa Munnecke (Hoeben) sits down with David for a chat about dropping out of college, finishing college, being geeky and paranoid, and pegging the needle on the autobahn.

Direct download: VO93_004.mp3
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Hey everyone! It's been a blast getting the podcast up and running so far. I wanted to share with you the next four interviews I have lined up. These should all be dropping in the next two weeks.

Vinnie Ferrara

Grant Lucas

Lisa Rendon (Davidson)

Alyssa Munnecke (Hoeben)

and our first teacher interview:

Ms. Housen

This is gonna be great!

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 5:05 AM

Matthew Wietzke sits down with David and talks about being adopted, missing all the signals with girls in HS, being a Rave DJ, wearing Hammer Pants, coming to the realization that they are Asian Americans, swimming in a speedo and taking 20 plus years to find a calling.

Direct download: VO93_003.mp3
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David sits down with his first guest, the beautiful Taryn Reynolds and she opens up about her art, parenting, The Daily Love, shaming friends into the reunion and much more!

Be sure to find her jewelry designs. Search Studio16 Designs on facebook.

Taryn highly suggests reading The Daily Love.

Direct download: VO93_002.mp3
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David S. Dawson starts off the podcast with an introduction to himself, an explanation of what the podcast is, and drops the deets on the 20th reunion in August. So grab a cup of joe, or a glass of wine and have a listen as we start the 'way back machine' and take a journey down Nostalgia Avenue in the Voices of '93 Podcast Episode 1.

Direct download: VO93_001.mp3
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It's been 20 years since we roamed the open air hallways of San Dieguito High School. For 1-3 years we all shared a common experience and then we went our separate ways. Some of us knew right away how we wanted our lives to turn out, some of us have been figuring it out ever since.

The Voices of '93 Podcast is a chance for all of us to reflect on the time we spent at San Dieguito and on the years since. The world, it is safe to say, has changed a tremendous amount since '93. From technology to the war on terror, our lives have seen amazing and unspeakable things come to pass in the world.

And of course, we have all experienced our own personal ups and downs. How have we handled it all? What are the experiences in high school that shaped our lives, and what are the events since that have further shaped who we've become?

Let's explore it all together.

- David S. Dawson

  (Class of 1993 and host of the Voices of '93 Podcast)

Category:Announcement -- posted at: 2:41 AM